SD Bonus Points!

Last week, my SD and I were were making plans for our next date, and we struggled with one little thing. He wanted to see a certain movie, and I was hesitant because I knew that it would be a busy night at the theatre, as the movie just recently opened, and it would be on a Friday night!

I laughed at him and called him “crazy!” and he said We’ll see just how crazy I am! and laughed back. The subject naturally changed and we started talking about some issues in his area and how they were going to affect his business. I never gave going to the movies a second thought, as there would simply be too many people, with too many eyes and it just didn’t sit well with me. We didn’t discuss it after that.

Fast forward to last night (a week later), when I met him at his condo. When I opened the door, he was standing there with the biggest smirk and I just knew he was up to something. I asked him what the plans were and he said “We’re going to the movies of course!” And I literally rolled my eyes and tried to play off all the negative thoughts going through my mind about who’d be there, how I was dressed and how I was tired and starving lol. “I smiled and said “Ok, let’s go my dear… and we headed out.

When we arrived to the theatre, I was surprised to see that he went up to the manager, and not the ticket booth to get our tickets. My first reaction was to think “Great, they’re friends…I knew something like this would happen.” So the manager walked us to the theatre, where one staff member handed us our little 3D glasses, and another was standing there with this cute tray of candy, popcorn and drinks. It was definitely a little fancy for what I’m used to when I go to the movies with the girls, and I remember thinking “well this is new lol” just to go to the movies, but when we walked in, I knew why.

He had rented out the whole theatre, on a Friday night, so that we could sit and hold hands without any worries!

I don’t even know what it took to get all of that organized, but I was definitely impressed!

I love it when a man does what it takes to get what he wants, while ensuring the happiness of his date as well!